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The conception of SCOPE was born from a need for creative's within and those who have a strong connection with Renfrewshire to create a community that is supportive and genuinely represents the needs of the grass roots creatives  (of all backgrounds) that live and work in Renfrewshire.

In 2021 Artist and Facilitator Indie McCue organised, curated and produced Scope Renfrewshire's first collective showcase which was a flying success with over 300 visitors in 1 month despite the wavering pandemic. 

With many talented and varied creatives submitting their works to be shown in the first scope show there began an organic formation of like minded creatives who saw that there could be more in the way of supporting creatives and creativity in our local area. 

Please take a look at 'The Community' tab to find out about all of the skilled and exceptional creatives that make scope what it is...A creative collective with community at its centre. 

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